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Discover how Gallup's Q12 employee survey helps you measure what matters & leads to better business outcomes.

No matter the size of your company, one thing is certain. Your employees play a big role in determining your level of success or failure. It takes engaged workers who are passionate about their job to cultivate the success you need.

Imagine if you were able to take the pulse of your workforce with a simple 5 minute commitment of their time. Don't waste time and money by asking a multitude of survey questions that don't bring results. Use the employee survey and the 12 questions that tie directly to your most important business outcomes.

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 Use Gallup’s Q12 Employee Survey & STRENGTHEN YOUR WORKPLACE

Gallup’s new employee engagement survey for up to 5,000 employees features:

The Only 12 Questions You Need

Measure engagement with a 5-minute survey using 12 simple question items.

Actionable Reports

Use clear and specific results to quickly identify your opportunities for improving employee engagement.

Meaningful Results & Comparisons

Receive results that compare your workgroups with the most comprehensive employee engagement database of its kind.

Resources for Measuring & Managing

View real-time participation rates and receive materials to help you start improving engagement.

Quick & Easy Setup

Customize and conduct your employee survey & communicate its importance, using Gallup’s proven examples.

Outcomes That Matter

Improve employee engagement to increase profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

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