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High-Performance Management will teach you the management skills you need to build and sustain high performance for yourself and your team.

From our bestselling books like First, Break All the Rules and 12: The Elements of Great Managing, to our popular Great Manager Program, Gallup has taught hundreds of thousands of managers how to succeed. Now we have integrated our latest discoveries into the most effective management course we have ever offered.

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Master the Strategies and Techniques of the World’s Greatest Managers

During the two-day High-Performance Management course, attendees will learn HOW TO:

  • Understand a manager’s five primary responsibilities
  • Lead with strengths as a manager
  • Create strategies tailored to a team to improve employee engagement
  • Identify employees’ unique talents and position them to do what they do best
  • Communicate performance expectations and inspire employees to reach their goals
  • Support employees in their growth and development
  • Develop actionable plans to address your most significant management challenges
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